Popular Punjabi Dishes

8 Popular Punjabi Dishes: Food of Punjab

  • March 11, 2019
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Punjab is famous for its unforgettable culture and appetizing cuisines. From a long time, the state is tantalizing the taste buds of people around the world. Whenever it comes to a wedding or any other event, the thing that gets the priority while management, is food. It’s like a ceremony in a happy moment. Punjabi food has several delicious and mouth watering vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. Various kinds of dairy products, vegetable and meat continue to represent the royalty of the state.

Punjab is the northern state in India and is known for its rivers, warm people and splendid Punjabi Food. Punjabi is not popular in India but its flavors have spread all over the world. Outside Punjab, there are many Punjabi restaurants which offer genuine Punjabi cuisines to the food lovers. Almost all renowned Indian restaurants offer mouth watering Punjabi foods of different types. Indians like to have Punjabi foods as they are spicy and over the years the Special Punjabi foods are getting popular outside India also. The Punjabi foods are simple yet they are one of the most fascinating Indian cuisines. For the health conscious people too, the Dhaba foods have been the most preferred choice over the years.

The mouth licking dishes of Punjab are offered at any Indian authentic restaurants abroad. They are prepared using the special spices which offer distinctive flavors of the special Punjabi foods. Some of the most liked dishes offered by Punjabi restaurants are Butter Chicken, Dopiazza, Tandoori etc. Punjabi restaurants are known for offering the best Samosas and people who have tasted it once would not like to go to any other restaurants. With the use of internet so extensively, now it has become a child’s play to get more and more information about Indian cuisine on Online Indian food store.

Here are Punjabi catering services which offer arrangements for food for small as well as the large gatherings. The services offered by such catering are of high quality and reasonably priced. You can save your time and effort by ordering some of the best Punjabi dishes on the net. Almost all the Punjabi catering offer dishes like starters, spicy curries, vegetable preparations like Dal Makhani, Paneer, Matar and various non-veg preparations of lamb and chicken. People like the nan bread and parathas of Punjab. The desserts of Punjab are also the best. Some of the Punjabi Restaurants are known for preparing the best Butter Chicken and have a huge crowd coming to them. For those who are looking for the best ambiance and the best food along with their families and friends, the authentic Indian Restaurants offering the various Punjabi foods are the best choice. Omjee Gai Chhap Masale is one of famous for its spices manufacturers in Punjab .

Some of the Punjabi delicacies are:

Makki di Roti: It is an Indian bread made of corn flour in Punjab and North India. This roti is prepared on a tava, which is served along with buttermilk, butter, and sarson da saag.

Aloo Paratha:

Aloo Paratha is a stuffed paratha, which is stuffed with potatoes. It is prepared using ghee and served with white butter and curd. Parathas are Indian bread made without stuffing or with fillings also.

Tandoori chicken:

This is a popular dish made of chicken. The chicken is marinated in different spices and yoghurt and cooked in a traditional oven (Tandoor). It can be cooked on a barbeque grill as well.

Butter Chicken:

Also known as Murgh Makhani, is a famous non-vegetarian delicacy of Punjab. The dish is made by cooking chicken in tomato gravy. You can have this dish along with Butter Naan.

Rajma Chawal:

Rajma is kidney beans. It is the favourite dish of Punjabis. It is cooked in spicy gravy and served with hot boiled rice.

Sarson da Saag:

It is a traditional Punjabi dish mostly made during winter. This highly nutritious dish is prepared with mustard leaves and some spinach. This dish with thick gravy is used to eat Makki di Roti.

Dal Makhani Bukhara:

Dal Makhani is prepared using beans and lentils by combining fresh cream and spices. The fresh cream improves the flavour and taste of this dish.

Punjab Sweet Lassi:

Sweet Lassi is a Punjabi drink made of milk and beaten curd. It is a health drink without any artificial ingredients or flavours.

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